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How to Get Amazon Prime Pantry Dog Food Coupons

Posted by Jaclyn Easton on Apr 30, 2014.

If You Know Where to Click, Amazon's New Prime Pantry Store Features Dog Food Coupons for Popular Dog Food Brands.

Official Website:

Purina Dog Chow is one of the many brands available on on Amazon's Prime Pantry
Purina Dog Chow is one of the many brands available on on Amazon's Prime Pantry

Amazon wants to compete with your local Walmart, Kroger or Safeway for your dog food business. To entice you, they are offering dog food delivery in everyday sizes as well as dog food coupons. Yes, coupons for such popular brands as Beneful, Alpo, Dog Chow and Puppy Chow.

These coupons are for dry dog food as well as canned. Even for dog treats like Beggin' Strips and Alpo Snaps Dog Treats.

These dog food coupons can be found only in the pet section of Amazon Prime Pantry, and can change daily. In fact, on the rare occasion, you won't find any but it's still worth a click.

Click here to see which dog food coupons are available today.

Don't Be Confused
What's confusing folks is that there are dog-related coupons associated with the Pet Section on Amazon which is a different part of Amazon than Prime Pantry. The problem with these coupons is that they are usually not offered for dog food. Instead, you get discounts for dog items such as dog bowls, collars and grooming supplies. That's what makes the Amazon Prime Pantry dog food coupons section so different which you can see by clicking here.

What Is Amazon Prime Pantry?
Prime Pantry is a section of that offers grocery store products in sizes similar to what's offered at your local supermarket at prices that are the same or cheaper.

Subscribers can purchase groceries weighing up to 45 pounds and they will ship for only $5.99. Grocery categories that are currently being offered include food, beverages, cooking supplies, personal care items, household cleaning items and, of course, pet food. Instant coupons are offered regularly with savings up to 25% and it's free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Jaclyn Easton is best known as a 7-year business columnist for the Los Angeles Times, and Emmy-award winning reporter for CBS News.
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