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Instagone TV Spot

Posted by Jaclyn Easton on Jun 24, 2014.

Remove stains from any surface with Instagone.

Official Website:

MOST ASKED QUESTION ABOUT INSTAGONE PRO 1. Can it be used on clean dry wall ceiling - no popcorn? What is it? Chemical that bleaches or a coating? if coating, is it a powder coating? ## After mixing the powder/water in the spray container, you simply spray it on the stain and in my case, the ceilings are textured drywall. I spray it until the area is obviously damp (wet look) and I extend the spray beyond any stained area and let it dry. Most always, one treatment eliminates the water stain. In a prior home I had a minor leak around a vent pipe and that is when I first used this product. As for using on unfinished drywall, I have never had need to try that but would not hesitate to do so. I would add that on one occasion I could still see a bit of the stain edge so I sprayed it again.....problem solved. ## I only used it on outdoor resin furniture to try and remove stains..I scrubbed and scrubbed, it didn't work the way they said it would, I returned it for refund ## Don't know about the ceiling - This is a powder that is constituted with water and forms a powerful bleach that seems to continue bleaching for a day or two even after rinsed off. If using on a ceiling, you would have to be VERY careful it didn't drip anywhere. 2. how well does instagone work getting rid of mildew and mold on popcorn ceilings?? ## Several reviews state very well. I used it for a mold and mildew stain in the roof upholstery in a boat. It worked like a champ! ## not sure what popcorn ceiling is. I've got textured ceiling and works amazingly well getting rid of heavy water stains Used it on a 1934 hand plastered ceiling with swirls, ridges and worked wonderfully again with heavy water stains. Great stuff! ## Works really good on mold & mildew. I have used or on water stains on popcorn. Don't over saturate as popcorn will fall off. Spray a little, let dry, & spray more until gone. May take several applications. ## It worked for me, BUT, it reappeared the next day for two or three days. I kept reapplying it and then it was gone!! My stain was around a bathroom light fixture (popcorn ceiling). Very pleased. ## I did not use if for that myself, however, I was told that you should use a paintbrush or paint roller instead of spraying. Good luck. ## I don't know. I used it for some water stains on popcorn ceiling. There is still a slight stain but much better than before. Protect your eyes, hands and clothes. 3. I have a dropped ceiling in my basement, Armstrong, I believe. The tiles are water stained. Has anyone use this on ceiling tiles and did it work? ## I have used Instagone in the past and had great results with it. If the stain is real bad you may have to do a second application. ## We used it to clean dark water stains on the ceiling in our motor home. The ceiling is carpeted to muffle road noise. It was highly recommended and we are completely satisfied with the results. My husband used a very stiff (vegetable) brush for the dark spots. You must have good ventilation and avoid drippings on your furniture or carpeting as it will leave bleach spots. SBP ## It works. If you can take the panels down and lay them flat outside or in a garage to spray them it works best. Let them dry and re spray. It may take 3 to 4 times. But be careful not to get it on anything else. Bleach stain. ## I bought it to use at our laundromat. We had some T-shirts that a customer had old water stains on that wanted us to try to remove the stains. It worked fantastic for this purpose but I have never used on ceiling tiles. I am betting it would work great though! ## Yes this product works very well.They even have come out with Instagone pro!! When I thought it couldn't get any better!! Been using for years!! GREAT ## Yes, it works on tile but it leaves a powder film. I would use a primer and white ceiling paint instead to cover the stop. 4. Anyone use this with a roller for popcorn ceilings? ## No ... no experience with that ... BUT ... I did have a water stain in the family room. I applied Instagone with a clean paint brush ... gone! Worked great. ## I haven't done this and wouldn't - Instagone is highly effective because it's also VERY STRONG/CAUSTIC. Unless you can protect all surfaces and yourself, you would not want any of this to splash - and a roller on a popcorn ceiling would surely make a mess. (As a watery liquid on a roller, I also doubt it would make consistent enough contact to uniformly clean the ceiling.) 5. will it work on a fiberglass tub? anyone know of a producy that will clean a dingy tub? ## It worked on mine and also the fiberglass or plastic wrap on porch ## Yes. You'll be surprised how fast it works. Just make sure you don't get it on your clothes. 6. Is it fammable ? ## It does not state anywhere on the box that it is flammable. It is like oxi-clean for laundry only on steroids. The toll fee number to answer your questions is 1-888-425-0125. If worked great for what I needed it for. I highly recommend it. Hope this answers your question. ## It is not flammable. ## Sorry, I do not know if it is flammable; used it several years ago on a fabric bathroom ceiling in an RV. Worked great, but do not have the bottle any more. 7. water stains on wall and paint stains ## I know it cleans my shower tile without a bit of scrubbing, and that is when the tile is so dirty/stained that scrubbing with cleanser won't touch it. Never tried it on paint/water stains, but it might work. ## I have used it for water stains on walls and ceiling. After it dries I paint over it and in general it does not bleed through if the original cause of the stain is fixed. Smells and feels like the primary ingredient is chlorine and it will burn your eyes and skin so dress appropriately. ## it does get rid of water stains and mildew stains, but I have never tried it on paint stains 8. Does it remove water stains from popcorn ceiling? ## Yes, just wet it, don' soak. Wait a few hours to retreat if needed. Normally 1 treatment is all that is needed. I have used it several times with excellent results. ## I couldn't say. I didn't have any of those to test it on. Others have said that it does. I'd be very careful not to be standing under the stain when I sprayed it. Wouldn't want that stuff to get on my skin or in my eyes. Judging by how well it worked on my mildew problem, I'd be inclined to think that it would work on water stains, too. In my case, I was so desperate I thought I had nothing to lose by trying Instagone. I'm very glad that I did. Apply it, then forget it. Sounds like that would be great for popcorn ceilings. Hope this helps. ## yes, we had a dark water stain which was removed with one application. we gave it a second application just to ensure we did not miss anything. the stain removal was almost instant with the first application. we highly recommend this product. ## did not try it for that ## Although it doesn't specifically mention a popcorn ceiling, I would bet it would work. One caution, you would have to cover anything in the room including any carpet. It will bleach out anything it contacts, including the person applying it. My motorhome has a ceiling covered in carpet and it completely removed water stains from a roof leak. 9. Will this product remove stains inside a pop up camper that leaked causing mildew stains on the cloth-backed vinyl? ## Yes but it may bleach the material. It's worth testing. Instagone is the best for mold and mildew removal. See if you can find Quick10 for fabrics. It's from the same company and works on fabric and carpets. ## I would think so. Test a small spot first, but let the product sit long enough to do its thing 10. how well does this work on carpet stains, pet stains on carpet? ## You dont want to use this on carpet, you would want to use Quick 10 made by the same company but for carpets, but dont buy from Amazon as there are people selling really old product and it is not good. ## Whatever you do, DON'T spray it on anything you don't want bleached! I learned the hard way! It worked wonders in our RV, which has white ceiling, and it erased all the stains. So, I thought I could erase a small carpet stain in my house. Well, now I have a bigger bleach stain in my carpet! Works great on anything white. ## excellent I have 2 French Mastiffs and 3 cats! but I also have a light beige carpet, if you have a deep color carpet test a spot in an out of the way area to make sure it does not harm the color...spray the spot or blot it with a sponge soaked in Instagone, after the stain is removed put about a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, it will remove any residual odor and has the added benefit of keeping the animals away from that spot! 11. Is it okay to use on acylic? ## Not sure you don't mean acrylic. There would be no reason it wouldn't work well on acrylic plastic. Not sure it's porous enough to absorb and remove stains but I've used it on almost everything without any negative result. ## Do not know the product acyclic. 12. Does it work on carpet stains? ## I did not use it on carpet but anything else I used it on it did not work. Myself would not buy it ## Yes. ## The preferred product for carpet stains is Folex: 13. what are the ingredients in Instagone pro ## sodium dodecylbenzen sulfonate, sodium polyacrylate, calcium hydroxide, calcium hypochlorite, sodium sulfate 14. can it be used on a wood deck? ## Sorry, Shannon, I have used it on my cement patio, and it does a great job, also I spray it on the toilet rim and it is a sure cleaner, strong. I would be careful using on wood, but try on a small area you that won´t ruin the looks. Good Luck, A ## im sure it can be used, but i found it did nothing to a very light water stain. would not try this produck, go to lowes or home depot and buy something that will work. better yet, go on line and google stain on wood deck, you will see many results, good luck. ## don't know what your plan is, or how much you need it for, yes, it will remove A stain from a deck. also, not knowing the type wood, try it in a small hidden area as a precaution. ## I have never used it on wood but the box says it can be used on wood decks. I have a tint mixed into the waterproofing on my deck and would be reluctant to use this (whereas w/o a tint, I would try). It is a very strong bleaching agent so if you order it to test it and decide NOT to use it on the wood, you will find it useful on SO much - bathroom fixtures, ceramic tile and grout, vinyl/rubber bathmats and polypropylene deck chairs, hose reels, etc. If you test it, I STRONGLY advise that you check the test area even after 2 days even though you would have rinsed the area. When I use it on the shower stall, it continues to brighten the grout for at least 48 hours. Good luck! I love the stuff but I wear gloves and have PLENTY of ventilation. 15. Has anyone used this on RV fabric ceilings? I would like to know if it removes water stains from that. ## Put some powdered bleach in a spray bottle and mix with water....RIP OFF. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! 16. Can this be used on a RV rubber roof? ## Never used it on that substance but I haven't experienced any negative results on using it on laundry, carpet, linoleum floors, and ceilings. Try it on a small spot. Not sure what any damage might be, just gets it VERY clean. Hope this helps 17. can you use intagone to removecarpet stains? ## I wouldn't use on carpet. I would be afraid it would be like using bleach. ## I would not, it may discolor. Smells like clorox. Worked excellent on my ceiling water leak. ## not according to directions ## The simple answer is no. I must tell you that it is not intended for carpets however. That being said I think I stated that it smells like it is simply very strong bleach. I personally don't think it would work on anything. I knew the risk I was taking using it on carpet as it does say "don't do it". The result was that the stain over several applications did lessen but nothing you would be proud of IMHO. I was trying to clean an area of carpet that my puppy had peed on when he was small. ## No, on carpet it is better to use carpet spot remover. ## No, Instagone will damage your carpet, it is much too strong. It has what I would call a bleaching effect. Please do not use on your carpet. ## Yes, it worked really well with my carpet stains. ## it is nothing more than a bleach . . . so figure if you bleach you carpet , will the stain be removed .? yes, but BUT ## I don't know, but, Johnson and Johnson make a really good stain remover for carpet. It is sold at home depot and comes in an aerosol can. I bought a spray bottle for my insta gone; the one they supply is junk! Hope this helps. 18. Does it remove rust? ## Depends what rust is on. If carpet it will bleach carpet color out also.. I used the Insta Gone on ceiling for water stains from a leak. I have had good luck with a Wink rust remover to use on carpet, concrete and toilets. 19. water stains on wqall and paint stains ## I don't know- I only used it for pee stains on a mattress. Worked great! Pretty much bleached them out. Bleach might have worked just as well. ## Not sure about paint stains but yes to water sprays on like white bleach spackle and gets everywhere and the smell is crazy toxic. I got it to use on water stains on ceiling tiles, it did lighten the stain and I'm sure if I had applied it a couple of times they would have been completely removed but I couldn't handle the smell(fumes burned my lungs) or the mess...hope that helps a little ## Yes on water stains. But don't know about paint stains. ## It didn't work at all for me. I got it for stains on ceiling tiles and it didn't work. 20. Can I use it on outdoor wood molding? ## I have never tried it on wood but the box says it can be used on wood siding and decks. If the finish is dark, i would just try a tiny spot first because it is strong. I love it for grout and tile, white vinyl outdoor chairs, the laundry tub and around plumbing fixtures. ## I have no idea because I have only used it on drywall ceilings. I do not think there is anything in the product that would be harmful to wood and would not hesitate to try it to try to eliminate a stain. But, I have no clue if it would be effective. 21. anyone try it on mold and spider poop on vinyl boat seats? ## Back when I was detailing yachts I relied on Spray 9 for mildew removal on vinyl seating. I have not tried Instagone for this. I would think it would work, as long as you were using it outside. The fumes are pretty strong. ## This stuff has very strong bleach so, if your seats are white, it should work BUT if they are a bright color, you may ruin them. 22. Does this work on pool tile? ## I've only used it on water stains on drywall, and it works great for that, ## I have only used it on the ceiling of an unvented bathroom, and it works very well. I do not know how it would work on tile. 23. I have a black stain on a part of my hardwood floor. Does it work on hardwood? Thanks ## I don't know but would not try it because it is a very powerful bleaching agent. A hardwood installation company may have a product that would be safe or you could try 0000 steel wool (super fine grade) such as this one: ## Doubt that ## I have not tried it on wood but the box says it works on wood decks. Good luck. 24. can you use on driveway ## unknown- I've used it on a ceiling stain due to water damage - worked beautifully. Also used on outdoor furniture (white metal) didn't work as well but also didn't hurt furniture. ## Don't know. Didn't work on things it was supposed to so I threw out. Wasted $$$ ## I don't know--I never tried it on a driveway. ## Although I, personally, have not used it on a driveay, the directions do say it works on concrete. Give it a shot. I love this product. ## I have only used it to remove stains from drywall ceilings due to water leaks and it is excellent for that. I have used kitty litter to pull up oil spots on my driveway. Just spread it out and grind it in with your shoe and then just let it set till the wind blows it away. 25. Can you use it on grout ## Yes. I just read the box and it states that you can use it on grout. This is an outstanding product. Follow the mixing and use instructions correctly. ## Yes you can use it on grout. I did and had no problem. I do wish it was a little stronger as I had to apply it twice.... ## I have not use it on grout, the product is great and does the job, please be careful ## I wouldn't use it on anything! It does work!

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Recap of Instagone TV Spot (Screenshot 1)

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